Review of This Month’s Top Posts


This month, a number of major cities and tourist attractions in the world were explored. Information was supplied in the various posts to help tourists who plan to travel during the holidays to any of these beautiful cities. Let’s take a look at the top posts of the month. The Kingdom of Sigiriya Sri Lanka was explored , the article took on the history and beautiful features of the place. A detailed explanation on why this great ancient  Kingdom of Sigiriya Sri Lanka is one of the top tourist attractions in the world.


S T A Y Y O U N G 🎈Don’t grow up - It’s a trap! I wish we could stay forever young. We don’t wanna get old and take responsibilities like an adult, we just wanna play around and enjoy life. 🤹🏼‍♀️🙃

Sri Lanka was explored in another article and the article provided the 5 essential things you need when traveling to Sri Lanka. The article gives information on what tourists need to have when traveling to Sri Lanka so they can have a stress free and fun experience.
The city of Bali was explored, the Bali article titled ‘The Best Tours In Bali’ gave a detailed explanation and representation on the various tours in Bali. The Bali tour article talked extensively on the various tours in Bali and what they have to offer to tourists to make their experience a fun one. This article also explored the various reasons why this city is best known for medical tourism.


AMAAAAAAZING day cruising around these cuties 🐘 couldn’t have wished for a better experience.🌴 BUT tbh never have I ever been so bored in my life, when the tour guide decided to stop and watch a chicken for 20 minutes

Top 7 attractions and things to do in Singapore gives us a tour into Singapore and explains in details the various places to visit, to eat and have fun in Singapore. The article serves as a guide for tourist who want to visit Singapore as it is a complete guide on where to visit when in Singapore.

The city of Bangkok was explored and the top travel memories in Bangkok were explained in detail. The Bangkok article explained the various things this Asian city has to offer and it shows the various places to go to in Bangkok to have long lasting fun experiences.