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Ella Sri Lanka,

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You know this saying that home is where the heart is? Yeah, that saying was coined strictly for Ella. With its amazingly breath-taking scenery, jaw-dropping wonders and peaceful nature, one would always feel at home by the mere sight of this astounding small town.
Located in the Badulla district of Uva province, Sri Lanka, Ella has managed to attract millions of tourists despite its small size; one will begin to wonder how such a small town has such a spellbinding effect on people. Here’s why.

Beautiful Scenery

The first thing that welcomes the eyes of Ella is its beautiful scenery, pure natural beauty; you can hardly miss it. It has views that you have never seen before. Ella is that town that tricked Mother Nature into giving it all her blessings. It has so many awesomely created wonders such as; The Ella rock which blinds a tourist with beautiful views of the astonishing town while climbing it.

Nature’s Haven

The Ravana falls, a well-known waterfall with a storied cave, the nine arches bridge is such a wonder to behold it reminds you of the medieval era. If you are one who loves to explore the religions of the world, the Dhowa rock temple is sure to leave you stunned with its ancient feel and giant rock Buddha. The ever beautiful little Adam’s peak leaves a taste of the soul of Ella in your mind’s palate. It is a view you can never un-see. The train ride from Ella to Kandy will leave you breathless. It is a beautiful and affordable way to see the country. It is scenic and angelic to behold. In Ella, you become one with nature as she continually feeds you with views that would keep you asking for more.

Home Of Tea

Ever heard of Lipton tea or Ceylon tea? Well, Ella, Srilanka is regarded as one of the homes of this wonderful tea. It is amazing how the people of Ella can maintain real tea production since 1824. The tea production has risen to quite an impressive height as Srilanka was tagged the second in the list of countries importing in the world, producing 330 million kilograms each year. Today it is ranked at number 4 which is such an amazing feat for such a small country. In almost every path in Ella, you will find lush and green tea plants it feels like being surrounded by green seas.

The Amazing People

One amazing feature of the people of Ella is their culture and values. They enjoy an artistic lifestyle, little wonder their culture and value are based on the combination of traditional forms of dance, art, and music. With their unique traditional attire and ceremonies, Ella’s culture and values are sure to leave you to be spellbound.
Ella is beautiful, it is attractive, alluring and possesses all the resources of a well-nourished town. Choosing Ella as a holiday destination is one of the best decisions anyone will make and living in Ella, Srilanka can be likened to a taste of God’s paradise.


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