5 Essential things you need when traveling to Sri Lanka

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There is nothing more confusing then packing your bags for a trip to a new destination. You end up over packing or under packing, even worse is when you pack so many luggage but none of the things you packed were actually useful. One of the tricks for traveling is packing just the essential things you need.

When packing your bags for your trip to Sri Lanka, it is important that you do a little research about the country, like the weather, sights, culture etc, this would help in deciding the essentials you should pack. For instance; Sri Lanka is a tropical country with just two seasons (wet and dry), the temperature is pretty consistent as it falls between 26- 28 degree Celsius. So you should pack things that are in line with that.
Here are some things you would need to pack when traveling to Sri Lanka;


1. Map

A map of Sri Lanka should be the first thing you pack because getting lost is not a good way to enjoy your trip. Most times people depend on their smartphones to locate wherever they want to go, but what is your phone battery dies? And besides maps are always easier to carry along, so take one along as a backup plan at least.

2. Mosquito repellent

Yeah, you read right! Sri Lanka is a tropical country and tropical is another word for mosquito habitat. You should get a very good and effective mosquito to protect you from mosquito else you become a mosquito magnet.

3. Umbrella

When you see umbrellas what comes to mind is cover from rain right? But the thing with Sri Lanka is that it is a tropical country so it is either rainy or very hot. So the umbrella serves a dual purpose, you can use it as a cover from the rain or shield yourself do from the sun. So you should pack your umbrella no matter the season you intend to travel.

4. Pack light clothes

Due to the humidity of the country, you should pack very light clothes like shorts and t-shirt. When in Rome behave like the Romans, So you need to dress like the locals. This is why you should also pack some clothes that Cover your shoulders and go a little below the heels, for visits to the temples. You might not be chased out but itโ€™s better to not draw attention to yourself as the locals would be well covered.
Also think about getting hats to cover your head and face from the constant sunshine because there would be sunshine, lots of it.

5. Sri Lanka currency (Rupee)

It is good to take your bank card with you but also advisable to have the Sri Lanka currency when traveling there. If you cannot make it to the bank for a change of currency, do not worry as there are counters at the airport that also offer a decent exchange.

There so many things you need to pack, but these are the essentials that you should not go without. We will meet in another article till that, Have a safe trip. ๐Ÿ™‚